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Wines and Coffee

White Wine

Guide 175ml 250ml Bottle

Cape 312 Chenin Blanc
Western Cape South Africa
Pale yellow in colour with a hint of green lemon & lime aromas, nutmeg and cloves.
Guide: 2 / 175ml: £4.40 / 250ml: £6.10 / Bottle: £17.95

Jacobs Creek Chardonnay
South Eastern Australia
Medium – bodied wine with attractive lemon, ripe peach, melon and subtle oak flavours.
Guide: 3 / 175ml: £4.50 / 250ml: £6.30 / Bottle: 18.45

Auction House Pinot Grigio
New Zealand
Medium- bodied wine with fruity aromas and flavours of citrus and apple. Perfect with pasta or fish.
Guide: 3 / 175ml: £4.50 / 250ml: £6.30 / Bottle: £18.45

Moko Black Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand
From top winemaker, Ant Moore, this classic Marlborough Sauvignon has great character with ripe gooseberry and a crisp finish.
Guide: 2 / 175ml: £5.30 / 250ml: £7.50 / Bottle: £21.95


Red Wine

Guide 175ml 250ml Bottle

Auction House Shiraz
South Eastern Australia
Reminiscent of blackberry and liquorice with a cracked black pepper spice over tone. A rich and rounded wine.
Guide: 2 / 175ml: £4.40 / 250ml: £6.10 / Bottle: £17.95

Para Dos Malbec
Intense spicy aromas with notes of black cherry, blackberries, mocha and a touch of vanilla. Ideal for partnering with meat.
Guide: M / 175ml: £5.50 / 250ml: £7.40 / Bottle: £21.95

Ochagavia Merlot
Elegant fruitiness with blackberries, fine herbs, hints of coffee and a spicy pepper aroma. A ripe plum and prune flavours.
Guide: M / 175ml: £5.50 / 250ml: £7.70 / Bottle: £22.45


Rosé Wine

Ancora Pinot Grigio Rosé
A dry fresh and fruity rosé with delicate aromas of red berries. Crisp and lively on the palate.
Guide: 2 / 175ml: £5.30 / 250ml: £7.50 / Bottle: £21.95


Champagne and Prosecco

Bright yellow straw, fruity and flowery scents. Green apple prevails with hints of pear and jasmine.
125ml: £4.65 / Bottle: £25.95

Fizzy Fridays Prosecco £3.50 per glass / £19.95 per bottle (from 5pm to 11pm)

Lanson Black Label £39.50
Champagne, France
A light and elegantly dry champagne with a fine mousse and a mild fruity finish.
Bottle: £39.50


Taste Guide:

1-9 Dry to Sweet (White wine) and LMF Light, Medium and Full bodied (Red wine)
All wines on this list have an alcohol content of between 4% and 14% by volume. All prices inclusive of VAT, a 125ml glass available on selected wines. Please ask the bar for details.


Liqueur Coffees

Irish Coffee £5.35
Irish whiskey

French Coffee £5.50

Highland Coffee £5.35
Scotch whisky

Baileys Coffee £5.35

Calypso Coffee £5.35
Tia Maria


Freshly Ground Coffee and Teas

Americano £2.55

Cappuccino £2.55

Café Latte £2.55

Espresso £2.55

Café Mocha £2.55

Hot Chocolate £2.55

English Breakfast Tea £2.55

Herbal Teas £2.55